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“Scissors that inspire my sensibility”

A new wave of hair design is happening all over the world that crosses over barbers and hairdressers.
The cross-over style that interweaves the various hair designs is becoming the mainstream in the United States and we have quickly imported and incorporated this style. Whitney VerMeer, an educator who is active worldwide, has joined as a member in our research development this time and the “ACRO CROSSOVER” was completed.
An optimum pair scissors for the cross-over style was fabricated that manages both the “stable feeling” that is important for scissors over comb cut in men’s style and the “ease of use” that supports various cutting scenes. Additionally, “Nano Powder Metal” is used in the material and one can enjoy a powerful cut feeling.

The 「ACRO CROSSOVER」 is the first scissor line developed and designed. Crafted for the ultimate creative freedom, this is the definitive artists tool.

What kind of scissors is CROSSOVER?

These scissors are optimized for “cross-over style” and implements high operability and holdability. The secret to the stable feeling is in its holdability.
The usability improved remarkably due to the held feeling to cut more solidly without wavering and the handle design to achieve a smoother operability.

It is a multi-performing item with various functions that outperform any other product.
Nano Powder Metal is used as a material to give the scissors its sharp edges, great toughness and durability.


Which do you prefer?

CROSSOVER has two different types handles for your preferable. CROSSOVER CR-1 you can have free handling feeling like an even handles scissors, and CROSSOVER CR-2 you can have suitable holding feeling for precision haircutting.


Ready to take your haircutting to the next level?