THE AESTHETIC x WHITNEY VERMEER, was the first of its kind as an exclusive hair studio for clients seeking a fusion of modern barbering with the salon standard for high end tailored haircuts with an unprecedented service. THE AESTHETIC x WHITNEY VERMEER is more than just a studio, it’s a lifestyle brand. When you think “men’s hair and fashion” you think “Whitney VerMeer, a lead architect of modern grooming.

“Whitney’s vision and goal was unlike any other in the industry at the time of inception as she wanted to bring back the barber shop traditions and sense of community to blend with standards of salons in order to create a modern grooming experience for the modern man. As most of her clientele are creatives, she also wanted to create a space where she can not only collaborate with them, but where they can collaborate with each other. THE AESTHETIC x WHITNEY VERMEER serves as a collaborative space for artist exhibits and shows that are catered to bringing the community together, spotlighting talents, and hosting events targeted towards her clientele. Events will include topics anywhere from hair to fashion to grooming to the after work cocktail – this is a place to experience it all as a lifestyle brand.

Whitney believes that,

“The Minneapolis creative community is unlike any other. Creatives in Minneapolis are not only passionate, but collaborate with one another to expand and surpass expectations of our own minds and talents. Local artists are willing to set things aside to help each other succeed for the sake of art – to create something really cool together. I’ve always appreciated the way clients have promoted me and this is a great opportunity for me to be able to promote them and their work.”

Whitney is engaged in the local community where she actively participates in many events in Minneapolis such as styling backstage for Fashion Week Minnesota. Nationally, Whitney shares her wealth of knowledge with companies such as Baxter of California owned by L’Oreal and Hattori Hanzo Shears; and worked on 4 separate collections for the North American Hairstyling awards. Whitney’s writings and design work have been featured in international publications and is reaching communities around the world. Part of her priorities are still embedded in her passion to design and deploy advanced curriculum to enhance male and ungendered culture setting new precedents in the industry on modern barbering – Yet it’s also important for her to continue to grow and learn from others.

Whitney dreams to one day travel the world to bring back industry standards and techniques for an even more holistic experience of what it means to experience “unprecedented service” in other countries so that she can, in essence, bring those communities back into her space as a more encompassing collective at THE AESTHETIC x WHITNEY VERMEER.

Whitney was recently a finalist for the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) Men’s Hairstylist of the Year. NAHA is the most prestigious award the hair industry.