Do you only cut men's hair because it's easy?

First and foremost, I don’t only cut men’s hair. I cut short hair. Second, it’s not easy. Cutting hair to compliment bone structure is extremely challenging precision work and that’s why I love it.

Are you taking on new clients?

At this time the different avenues that I am engaged in within the industry, I am only able to serve a select number of clients to ensure the highest level of integrity and service.

Who is your spirit animal?

Toby, my 4-legged pal. If you’ve been in my space, you know exactly who I am talking about.

What is your favorite song?

Hands down my theme song for life is “This Is How we Do It” by Montell Jordan.

What is your favorite coffee beverage?

An iced latte with almond milk (in case anyone ever wants to bring me one 😉 ;))!

Toby Says....


No I don’t check my Facebook messenger messages. Please refrain from contacting me through that medium.


(61 2) 9251 5600

No.200 Josecph, Canada 10020